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Few Photographers Who Get Together


Posted by uniqueminds on March 26, 2008

Just a reminder that we are all meeting this Sunday morning at 7:50am at the butterfly conservatory’s parking lot. If anyone is in need of a ride, please email me so we can arrange that for you. We have two hours to ourselves then we must put tripods away. If you wish to stay longer, that is a choice of yours.

Next meeting is April 1st 7pm at the table then off to the family room. Chris figured out a way for all of us to view photoshop on a TV. This will make it so much easier for all of us.

Please bring your butterfly pics with you on Tuesday evening. Presentation can be, prints, CD, Slide show etc.

Congrats goes to Krista!

Krista has down loaded actions and using them! We look forward to seeing her work soon.

For those who didn’t make it last week, Chris has offered everyone to make a soft cover 5×5 30 side book for $20.00. For anyone who is interested, please let us know. This could be the subject of choice next meeting as well.

Last words:

Could I get a final count on people going on Sunday. Email me as soon as you can.



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