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So I Heard through the grape vine

Posted by uniqueminds on March 27, 2008

So I Heard trough the grape vine of some eagles liking to hang out by our lovely little river in the region, the Grand River.
This morning at 6:30 a.m. before the sun has risen I headed down to the alleged spot and waited, and waited, and waited.
Accordingly to the local business employees the eagles are in fact an everyday sight, but not today.
Then just as I was almost about to give in, one of the two Bald Eagles swooped in and perched on a branch about 25 feet away.
And here is the proof.

Dave Levitt





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Posted by uniqueminds on March 26, 2008

Just a reminder that we are all meeting this Sunday morning at 7:50am at the butterfly conservatory’s parking lot. If anyone is in need of a ride, please email me so we can arrange that for you. We have two hours to ourselves then we must put tripods away. If you wish to stay longer, that is a choice of yours.

Next meeting is April 1st 7pm at the table then off to the family room. Chris figured out a way for all of us to view photoshop on a TV. This will make it so much easier for all of us.

Please bring your butterfly pics with you on Tuesday evening. Presentation can be, prints, CD, Slide show etc.

Congrats goes to Krista!

Krista has down loaded actions and using them! We look forward to seeing her work soon.

For those who didn’t make it last week, Chris has offered everyone to make a soft cover 5×5 30 side book for $20.00. For anyone who is interested, please let us know. This could be the subject of choice next meeting as well.

Last words:

Could I get a final count on people going on Sunday. Email me as soon as you can.


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Photoshop 101: Ortons in Photoshop (Slide Sandwiches/Film Days)

Posted by uniqueminds on March 23, 2008

Hey Everyone,

Topics Covered: Layers/Masking/Ortons

Check out this great tutorial from You Tube. This tutorial was created by Bob Campbell

Enjoy.. Chris T.

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Taking the “Flash Look” Out of Your Flash Photos By Henry’s Photo

Posted by uniqueminds on March 19, 2008

Taking the “Flash Look” Out of Your Flash Photos

Using flash has always been a necessary part of our photographic lives – especially when it comes to taking candid, hand-held photos at dimly lit indoor events such as birthday parties, wedding receptions, award ceremonies, etc… Many of us are driven to take these photos out of necessity rather than as an opportunity to create inspiring works of art. Why? Part of the reason lies in the fact that most pictures taken with flash are just simply unspectacular. Light from direct flash is harsh, unnatural looking and many times unflattering. Pale faces, hard shadows, overexposed foregrounds, dark backgrounds (and of course the dreaded red eye effect) are the ingredients for the typical picture taken with flash. Although the need for flash is still a reality when it comes to this type of photography, there are a few tools, tips and techniques we can use to get these pictures to look nicer and a little less flash-like.

flashFirst and foremost, you need to get yourself a camera that can work with a separate, external flash. SLR (single-lens-reflex) cameras and some higher-end compact cameras generally fall into this category. Next, get yourself a flash that is dedicated to your camera and whose head can tilt up & down and swivel side to side. In addition to offering more power than a built-in flash, this kind of external flash allows you bounce light off a low ceiling or wall before it reaches your subject. Now, why would you want to bounce light off a ceiling or wall? The main benefit lies in the ‘softening’ of the light. Light that is bounced off a large reflective surface or passed through a large piece of translucent material takes on a softer quality – a quality whose highlights and shadows are not quite as intense. It’s a light that’s closer to a natural ambient light – which is usually more flattering on people’s faces. Oh, and by the way… that red eye effect… you won’t see any more of that too.

To use the bounce flash technique, simply tilt or swivel the head of your flash towards the ceiling or a nearby wall at an angle of about 45 degrees (plus or minus a few degrees should not make a huge difference). Once you’ve got your subject and flash lined up correctly, just take a picture. Provided you have a modern TTL flash system, your camera and flash will work together automatically, giving you an instant, accurate exposure. Having said this, there are still a few points to keep in mind when using the bounce flash technique:

  1. Every flash has its own distance limit. Because you’ll now be sending light indirectly towards your subject, you’ll want to be a little closer. Low ceilings work well, cathedral ceilings don’t;
  2. Make sure the colour of the wall or ceiling is something close to a neutral white. Other colours ( blue, green, red, etc… ) can produce an unwanted overall colour cast in your photo.

What if there’s no wall or ceiling to take advantage of? In these scenarios, many photographers will attach a small reflector onto the head of their flash. This accessory allows photographers to once again angle their flash upwards to reduce the harsh light and strong shadows produced by direct flash. Although this kind of reflector doesn’t soften light to the same degree, it can still produce a better result than direct flash.

Direct Flash

Bounced Flash

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Linda is blogging!

Posted by uniqueminds on March 19, 2008

Linda is up and running! Click on her name on the right side where members are.


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Free Fonts – Da Font Website – Great Fonts For Photoshop Creations

Posted by uniqueminds on March 19, 2008

Hey Everyone, Font Frenzy!!!!!!!!


Thanks to sites like DA FONT it makes it really easy to get super creative with text on all your photo and press product needs. I would recommend you visit their site and have a look for yourselves. Most of the fonts are high enough resolution so they produce well on our photographic prints as well as cards & calendars.


Here is something i designed for 4X6 proofs for UMP


Hope this helps everyone in the creation process and please support great FREE sites like DAFONT..


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Texture Website – High Res Free Downloads

Posted by uniqueminds on March 18, 2008


Thanks to Mark Ridout for sending me this great texture download site CG Textures. There are 100’s of hi resolution textures to be downloaded for free. The only limitation is 15MB per day download.. So if your texture happy like me you need to spread out your downloads.

Here is Chris Tausney of Unique Minds Photography Before & After example created with a shot he took on a trip to Stratfold Ontario.

BEFORE: Photoshop Action Lomo Cross Process


AFTER: Photoshop Action: Lomo Cross Process/Layer Masked Metal Pic from CG Textures plus Kubota Border Action (Action Pack II)


I plan on making a set of fine art greeting cards from the textured version on Pearl Paper.. 🙂

Links Of Interest:




Thanks for Viewing..Francine – Have Questions??? E-mail:

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War Plane Museum By Krista Appleby

Posted by uniqueminds on March 17, 2008

Here are some samples of Krista’s

War Plane Museum pictures.


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Great Photoshop Blog/Site

Posted by uniqueminds on March 14, 2008

Today I was looking for some Photoshop shortcuts/hot keys and I came across Trevor Morris’s Blog/website. I was reading a few of the pages and i thought that you all would find this Blog Site very interesting.


Trevor Morris Photo

He gives you great tips on photoshop (Actions, Scripts, Short Cuts, Tips & Much More)

Find His Site HERE


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Sneak Preview Of Brent Perniac’s Celebrity Photography

Posted by uniqueminds on March 11, 2008

Here are 3 of the 30 photos that will be fore sale at the 7th Annual Gala Event on April 12, 2008. For more information, please contact Brent from his website  on the right hand side.

The photos will be 16×20 printed on canvas with a 2 inch border ready to hang.


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