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Stacey Wight Owen Sound Wedding Photographer – Destination Wedding Nightmare

Posted by uniqueminds on February 29, 2008

Stacey Wight Fellow Ontario Photographer/Chris’s Customer at www.Picturesimple.ca
Stacey had an extremely unpleasant experience  while shooting a destination wedding. We all want to shoot weddings like this but hope that everything goes smoothly and everyone involved enjoys the experience. Stacey unfortunately had something terrible happen while in the Dominican Republic this past January. Please click on link below to read her story. We are happy to hear she is back and well.

Stacey’s Story 


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Next Meeting March 18th 2008 7:00pm

Posted by uniqueminds on February 28, 2008

Our next meeting is March 18th, 2008 at the table of Chris and Francine

Topic: CS3 Photoshop and Blogging, please bring computers if you have photoshop on your laptops.

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Group Meeting

Posted by uniqueminds on February 28, 2008

Last night we had Dave speak about the different cameras, lenses and software available from Henry’s. He also shared his website and spoke a little about his graphic designs. Dave is a very talented young man with so much knowledge to share with everyone. Anyone interested in picking his brain on anything to do with cameras or photography should visit the Cambridge Henry’s store.

We spoke a little about building your own blog. If anyone is interested in learning how to size photos or get a blog started, please feel free to contact Chris or Francine.

members who were at the table of Chris and Francine were : Jim, Krista, Dave, Joshua, Eve, Chris and Francine

Thank you Eve for bringing the goodies this week!

Next field trip will be announced shortly!

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Field Trip Postponed Due To Freezing Rain

Posted by uniqueminds on February 17, 2008

Chris and I decided it was best to cancel the clubs field trip today due to freezing rain.

We were heading out to meet with Jim this morning when I almost hit a car. My whole car did a spin sideways and trying to avoid an accident made me a little concerned for anyone else who might be driving.
We were 2 minutes from home thank God.

We will make plans to meet next Sunday morning Feb.24th at 10:00am at the museum. Anyone who needs a ride, please contact Chris or I so Jim can make arrangements for car pooling.

I want to wish everyone a safe weekend.

Francine Bayley

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Camera Metering Info

Posted by uniqueminds on February 13, 2008

Visit You Tube For Metering Demonstration: www.youtube.com

Type in camera metering and you will find a few demonstrations you might find very useful.

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Club Minutes February 12, 2008 By Linda

Posted by uniqueminds on February 13, 2008

Meeting Minutes
F-Stops Here Photo Club
Tuesday, February 12, 2008
Francine & Chris’ house

Meeting commenced at 7:15
In attendance: Chris, Francine, Jim and Linda Thomson (minute-taker)

Looked at some editing Chris had done to photos using “actions” and “layers.” As always, they make it look “so easy.”

Listened to some music Jim recorded for his grandsons – his first CD recording. Very cool.

Chris gave a great explanation of what camera metering is all about…. Three types of metering and when you might use each. I would try to summarize, but not possible to do better than Chris offers in his handouts, or on the two videos we watched on You-Tube about metering. Maybe you could provide the links on the blog for those who missed the meeting, Chris?

We broke into two groups (of two) and spent some time on PhotoShop – – have you seen all the “actions” that are available to fix your photos? Save you hours on manually photoshopping your images. If your photos don’t need fixing, it’ll fix your subjects too (complexions, double chins, etc.etc,). I just had “an HA Moment” – – now I know why I love the photos Francine takes of our family so much!

We decided to take some portraits of each other to practice the metering we learned about, and some of the techniques we learned in Photoshop. As a sideline, Francine taught us how to sit subjects to get their most flattering angle,.. and since it was such a small, intimate, little group, things got a little…. interesting. One person had an interest in glamour photos, so to practice metering, we sat subjects on the sofa, surrounded by candle light. and as things progressed – can you say (nearly) NUDE!!!!! Too bad for all you pansies who were afraid to drive in a little bit of snow! What – are you Canadian? If so, we should revoke your citizenship!

Chris and Francine lent Jim and I some photography magazines to give us some more learning opportunities.

I, for one, left my first meeting completely inspired and looking forward to more!

Please don’t forget to keep your calendars open for the field trip this Sunday – Francine will be forwarding details on a meeting place and agenda.

If anyone notices any errors or omissions in these minutes, please send us your input.

Blue Skies,
Linda Thomson

Word from Francine:

Laughs at Linda! She does have a great imagination.

For those who didn’t make it last night, we look forward to seeing you at the next meeting. Hopefully this is the end of snow for a while. I certainly feel we’ve have had our share.

Stay Safe,


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F-Stops Here Reminder

Posted by uniqueminds on February 13, 2008

Our next meeting is February 26th, 7:00 pm at the rectangle table. Dave Leviit who is with Henry’s Camera will be speaking. We will also ask you to bring your photos from the field trip. It can be presented by prints, CD, slide show, what ever you wish.

Reminder: War Plan Museum Photo Shoot for 10:00am This Sunday February 17th. For those who are live in Kitchener and Cambridge, we will meet at Zehr’s South Cambridge. Park facing the Fast Eddies @ 9:00am. We will need a head count for Jim is organizing car pooling. Please confirm by Friday afternoon. Reminder, family and friends are welcome!

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Introducing Jimmy Utton

Posted by uniqueminds on February 11, 2008

Jimmy Utton also known as Jimmy Breeze. Why two different names we ask?Jimmy is talented in so many different ways, not only is he a wonderful photographer, he’s an amazing entertainer/ singer! I think we should ask Jim to sing for us one night to show off his other talent of music.

Below are samples of Jim’s winter scenes. Just wonderful!



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Looking For Snow Pics

Posted by uniqueminds on February 9, 2008

I know we’ve had so much snow the last few days and I’m sure everyone feels like I do and that is snow bound! For anyone who’s daring to go out and take some photos, please send them to me so I can post them!

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Next Meeting February 12th 7:00pm

Posted by uniqueminds on February 3, 2008

Next meeting is February 12th,2008 7:00pm same location (dinning room table) hahaha

Chris Tausney will be speaking about exposure and camera metering. Chris will also touch a little about photoshop and actions. If you have a laptop with Photoshop, please bring it with you. Chris would also like to ask you to bring your cameras.

Please confirm by Sunday February 10th if you will joining another evening with F Stops Here Photo Group.

Email Chris or Francine

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